Nursing exemplar papers

Studying only helps improve your skills. We would often wish we had someone to do it for us. I am able to tune into what they are feeling, and the energy that exudes from them is received and interpreted by me with the consequence that there is a compulsion to fulfil their need.

I simply answered that there was a lot of fulfilment in caring for these people and their families, without explaining further what keeps me here. The doctors had not taken the time to watch or feel his responsiveness and started discussion toward withdrawal of therapy.

I continued to talk to Ruth nightly about what I knew had transpired during the day, not knowing if her husband talked to her, held her hand, or spoke to her when he was there.

I have an aversion to the label of a 'good nurse'.

But does this then have anything to do with notions of 'good' embedded in nursing practice. Her doctor was taking a non-aggressive approach, and evidently spoke daily with her husband, and by the end of the week, it was reported to me that a decision was awaited from Ruth's distraught husband about whether to place a feeding tube and transfer to a nursing home or not.

With this additional information I was able to consult with other members of the health team to alter the postoperative care given to Mr A and to monitor him within the new parameters of his health status.

During report I mentioned nothing of the light that had seemingly come from Ruth. In a strange sort of way they know I understand, and turn to me for support and caring. As the charge nurse called her husband, I finished report and went home, knowing that, at the very least, I had been witness to an extraordinary event, open to interpretation in different ways by different people.

The family had been kind enough to donate his organs. I stood there a few minutes, and nothing else happened. It was a strange experience as the elders walked into his room.

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Each night I would continue encouraging her, talking to her while I worked. However he did give her a big hug and kiss and said farewell should anything happen, and then treated me suspiciously for the rest of the time.

My other assessments showed no other difference in Ruthie, and her vital signs were unchanged. So by possessing this highly developed sense of responsiveness, the involvement with the person for whom I am caring extends beyond the physical to an almost undefinable dimension.

In this first link you will find an Article This is a story about one new nurse's experience caring for an unresponsive stroke patient on the night shift, who teaches her about patient interaction.

I reminded Ruth of where she was and what had happened to her, and what I'd heard was happening with her family, which consisted only of her husband. Caring for Aboriginal people is an overwhelming experience when I am able to know them spiritually. I told her that her CT scan showed increased swelling in her brain, and what that meant.

Moreover, some basic and useful benefits are as follows which you will surely get with your orders. A decision was made by Ruth's husband not to resuscitate her should she die. As the week progressed, her condition remained unchanged, but began to deteriorate toward the end of the week.

It almost equates with the meaning of life. As I suctioned her around 6 a. They left quickly, and later that afternoon the man went into irreversible cardiac arrest without any physical warning, but I could sense as we went through resuscitation procedures that this man's spirit had departed and could see that attempts at resuscitation were in vain.

As the week progressed, her condition remained unchanged, but began to deteriorate toward the end of the week. At this stage I was not overly concerned about his status and I left him for a moment to fetch the case-notes and bring them back to the bedside to continue my observations.

Topic: The paper is on the nursing exemplar BEHAVIORS. The topic is ADHD

I had all the other 12 patients on that wing of the floor to see safely through the night and they were all asleep. Today, most college students find it hard to write an essay on a certain topic.

This is a story about one new nurse's experience caring for an unresponsive stroke patient on the night shift, who teaches her about patient interaction. Nurses › General Nursing › A Nursing Exemplar; One New Nurse's Experience.

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Nursing Care. Description of Units; Clinical Exemplar; I was so glad 3 o’clock finally came and I was giving report to the evening charge nurse. It had been a long but good day in the ED.

Just as we were wrapping up report, the dreaded EMS radio went off. I answered and Needham Fire came. This incident with Mr. P. taught me a great lesson that I now incorporate into my nursing practice.

Each and every patient visit must be treated uniquely.

Nursing Exemplar Papers

Knowledge of the patient’s past medical history is important, but it is equally important to maintain your objectivity and to make no assumptions. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Nursing Exemplar Papers.

Helen Calabretto School of Nursing, University of South Australia, SA. PP: - Article Text The importance of assessment. Gaynor Keenihan RN, BN. The following experience helped me to review my own techniques for gathering client data at the initial health interview and throughout hospitalisation.

exemplar(s) clearly reflect your level of performance with respect to the domain or aspects of practice that are prevailing, dominant, or featured. D eevvellooppiinngg EExxemmppllaarrss Writing Exemplars (for Nursing Framework) Keywords: clinical stories, nurses, nursing, patient.

Nursing exemplar papers
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