Write a sentence with the word jeopardize

It was all very inspiring. If you feel that the attorney has charged you far too much money and has not been able to account for it by demonstrating actual work on your case, you can file a complaint with the State Bar "Fee Arbitration" section.

Sources provided me with copies of these witness reports, which are impressive in their detail. Tell him on the telephone and in writing to cease working on your case immediately and to submit to you an itemized account of all fees he has expended against the retainer or fee you have already paid.

In addition, some of the properties were left with outstanding repairs and limited electricity. Finance Committee The treasurer is the chair of the Finance Committee, which includes three other board members. Each member of the Board of Directors must receive written notice of the proposed removal at least ten 10 days in advance of the proposed action.

It also affects their performance and jeopardizes not only their future but also the future of those in their care. How dare you question my patriotism.

Contempt of court

What were they, then. It would have been hard not to in their line of work. Number, Tenure, Requirements, and Qualifications The number of Directors shall be fixed from time-to-time by the Directors but shall consist of no less than three 3 nor more than fifteen 15 including the following officers: He continued, saying that he came to believe senior government officials had called off those missions in and In his bestselling autobiography, Faith of My Fathers, McCain says he felt bad throughout his captivity because he knew he was being treated more leniently than his fellow POWs, owing to his high-ranking father and thus his propaganda value.

The tragedy now is that had the agreement been presented as a surprise, it would have enabled our continuing support which is now jeopardized.

Can I or my family tape record meetings with you to insure that we correctly remember the contents of our conversations. Someone on the ground—a downed airman or a prisoner on a labor gang —could manually enter data into the sensor. How much per page. The phone rang, saving Piper from further crazy cat-lady conversation.

What is a sentence that uses the word jeopardy. Long-term public safety MUST be the goal of any authentic correctional system. Some years later, inwhen I was an op-ed columnist at Newsday, the aforementioned special Senate committee was formed to probe the POW issue.

I am not a cardboard cutout. However, one very unusual condition was proposed: Soldiers jeopardize their lives in war.

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McCain II, was a highly regarded rear admiral then serving as commander of all U. Those questions are listed on their web site, also under the tab, "Working With An Attorney.

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It is both reasonable and prudent in society's best interest to foster the integration of corrected offenders into our community. You are in jeopardy of losing your house because of unpaid mortgage payments.

Violations of the Conflicts of Interest Policy If the governing board or committee has reasonable cause to believe a member has failed to disclose actual or possible conflicts of interest, it shall inform the member of the basis for such belief and afford the member an opportunity to explain the alleged failure to disclose.

Periodic Reviews To ensure the Organization operates in a manner consistent with charitable purposes and does not engage in activities that could jeopardize its tax-exempt status, periodic reviews shall be conducted.

Other markings were the secret four-digit authenticator numbers given to individual pilots. The process of obtaining a refund from an uncooperative attorney will not move quickly, so don't count on return of any funds from one attorney before you can hire another, but sometimes the Bar does order the attorney to refund portions of fees that are considered to be excessive when compared with the amount of work performed.

The Pentagon has a copy of the confession but will not release it. Lethargic Sentence Examples The pediatrician should be consulted if vomiting continues beyond that time, if the child shows signs of dehydration, seems extremely lethargic.

Project Gutenberg Australia a treasure-trove of literature treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership. Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

Here are 29 fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "jeopardise".

Definition of 'jeopardize'

Sentences with the word: Synonyms. Antonyms Looking for sentences and phrases with the word jeopardise? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples.

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Sentence Information. The average Flesch reading-ease score of the 45 example sentences provided below iswhich suggests that "jeopardize" is a difficult word that tends to be used by individuals of higher education, and is likely found in more advanced literature or in academia.

Write a sentence with the word jeopardize
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